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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Simple Hairstyles for Pre-Teen Girls

Hairstyles for preteens are usually a little more sophisticated than their grade school counterparts, but not quite as complicated as those of the high school set. Also, many girls in this age bracket may still need a little help achieving the ideal style, and will need something relatively simple to maintain. Of course, these attributes will help mom, too!
A staple of elementary school hair is the side part. To add some flair to this style, simply divide the side part into three sections. These sections do not have to be equal. Secure each section back in a slightly overlapping fashion with butterfly clips. This will give the part a messy, yet secure, look.
Another simple and easy look, which works well with bangs, is to pull the hair into loose pigtails at the base of the neck. These pigtails should be located toward the back instead of the side. Then, place a sparkly or fabric covered headband on top for a fun splash of color. Even if some shorter hair works its way free from the loose pigtails, the headband will keep the hair back from the face, adding to the carefree look.
If a girl is looking for something a little sleeker but still fun, the braided ponytail is a good option. For this style girls with curly hair may want to straighten their hair first, to make the hair easier to braid. This style can work with a side part or a middle part, depending on your preference. On one side, begin to braid your hair in small sections, starting at the part and continuing down the length of the hair. Do the same on the other side as well. It might be necessary to secure the first braid with a ponytail holder or clip while braiding the other side. If doing a middle part, pull the remaining hair into a low ponytail at the back of your head, toward the nape of the neck. If doing a side part, pull hair into a side ponytail on the same side of your largest part, again keeping low to the neck. Secure with a ponytail holder, preferably one that matches your hair color.
Finally, at this age many girls may decide that they are done with long hair and want to opt for a short hairstyle. This by no means limits the options for a variety of hairstyles. With short hairstyles, hair products will be key in styling. Using a strong pomade can allow girls to have a spiky, punk style. Pommade should be used on dry hair, allowing for a "sculpted effect," molding the shape of the style.
Curly hair can also work well with short hair, and a good hair gel for curly hair should be used. This should be applied on damp hair while scrunching the curls with your fingertips. Hair bands, which resemble large ponytail holders, can work to add an element of style to short, curly hair. A girl can use one of these, placed toward the forehead, to give the illusion of bangs, or can use multiple hair bands, even different colors, moving in gaps toward the back of the head to add dimension. Good luck and have fun!

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